this pretty much sums it up. The internet has been ESSENTIAL with spreading the word about LIGHTS and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support! 

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this made me chuckle

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we had one take to get this right so you can tell she’s trying not to blow it. LOL. 

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LIGHTS’ Million Facebook Likes:

- You always remember your first.

well that was quick… LOL

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isnmusik said: This is a crazy question to ask, but do you know if Lights takes a listen to samples from people? There's a really personal song I really want to explain and work on with her, but I don't want to be a hassle. Given her status and me being nobody I'm afraid to ask but I think if I get to explain and work to death, she might hear me out? Haha just a (really big) daydream of mine!

hi! i can’t really speak on her behalf but sometimes there are legal issues with this simply because people sue over hearing music that’s “too similar”

LIGHTS WBR Summer Sessions

THANK YOU to everyone that came to summer sessions last week!!! I walked into WBR monday morning to a line of about 50 people and found out that some of you had waited the night before or as early as 2am that morning!! 

It was so great to have everyone out and excited to see LIGHTS. It made such a huge difference to have your passion and energy in the audience! LIGHTS had some sound issues on the first song into her set. There was about 45 seconds of sheer terror on my face until you guys jumped in and started singing. We all know that LA shows are tough but especially when it’s an industry show but you guys sang along to “Drive My Soul”, cheered and demanded and encore. Never once at a summer session had an audience done an encore or sing like YOU did.

A colleague had flagged me down to give me a line status update. I was very proud to learn that Melissa, a fan, had decided to start a list for people that got in line that morning so that no one would cut or sell their spots.  This is what it’s about- you guys taking care of each other and treating each other with fairness and respect. On top of that, i was told by several people that organized the event/ worked the store that you guys were extremely polite. This is the reason why we are allowed to invite fans to what would otherwise be private events. This is also why we got ALL of you into the show- started out with 50 and fit almost 150 people into the space because everyone working the event spoke highly of you. 

I had my doubts as to how many people would actually show up since i had stated that we would only let around 50 people in. However, you all stuck around and had faith. Thank you guys for making it the best summer sessions yet and one of my favorite moments of working with LIGHTS!! <3333 

-Jeremy the Bug

PS: I was lucky enough to catch a fun moment before the set. Here is LIGHTS & Aaron warming up/ having a jam sesh to “Timing is Everything”. 

PPS: LIGHTS is almost at a million likes on facebook. we might have something special for you next week… ;D

all photos are taken by my minions! 

herondalesjaces said: do you know if lights will be headed to wisconsin for the fall tour? or when the fall tour dates are going to be announced? thank you! <3 you're fab.

no info yet! i just heard that a fall tour was the plan! 

jenatee-deactivated20120904 said: Do you know when the Ohio dates that were delayed will be rescheduled? Specifically the Canton date, thank you! :)

not sure! 

sistrnightingale said: What's the name of the font used in the EBAG Lyric Video? Thanks in advance!!! <3

not sure actually! i think lights found it on dafont.com